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Actually, truthfully, I think these shorts have massive potential. You've got some fantastic costuming, a lovely perspective, and beautiful camera work. I think you should keep going. :D


I'm really gonna be the only one to say it?

Molkman, dude. You have a nice ass kitchen.

molkman responds:

It's not really "mine" though, ha.

Slowly declining...

Honestly, I don't know what it is, but your stuff is getting less and less funny.. I go through your submissions here and your greats are still hilarious, but ever since... even about halfway through the awesome compilations, the artwork in your movies has steadily increased in quality... but the entertainment value is proportionally decreasing.

I know tons of people are going to hate on me for this, and really, it's their opinion that counts, not mine. But.. I need to tell the truth. You're still a massive inspiration to anyone who's ever put a flash on this site and hoped and prayed that it would get noticed, but as for the quality of work, well... It's like watching the Star Wars movies in the order they were made.

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OH. MY. GOD. I love this game. I suck so hard at it, but I love it. The animation is crisp, I love the little touches (like each keyboard key is an actual note), and I love the stuff they throw on stage. Overall, this is one of your better ones :)

Your voice actor sucks


molkman responds:

Yea, he's a complete √úBERDOUCHE.

not a lot of fun

I think this game comes from real-life motocross experience, which doesn't translate into a game very well, unfortunately, expecially with such limited controls. It took me 7 times to get over the first hill, then after I had gained a little speed, I hit a bump and had no control whatsoever.

The heart is there, I know, and I know this must have taken you some serious time, but... this just isn't fun.

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damn dude i usually don't comment on audio but this is smooth i really enjoy it

CHiLEDAWG responds:

Thank you for the review man glad you enjoyed it :)

This is so not classical. Ask me how much I care. This is AWESOME! I'm so happy I stumbled upon this! PLEASE KEEP COMPOSING!

I'm very sad this only has 205 plays :(

You've definitely captured the emotion. And my heart. Please keep composing!

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review! Don't worry, I'll give your heart back. You need that to live. I don't think I could stop composing if I tried.

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I love it. Except why is she knitting with crochet hooks?

DeliciousOrange responds:

She is very talented and perhaps a bit eccentric.

A srs synopsis

First, congrats on creating something epic. Now for some technicals:

The kiss looks a little forced, more like they're doing it as a dare than passionately thrusting their love into each other's mouths. I think this is because mario's eyes look a little too clenched.

Second, there's nothing going on in the background. No scenery, no clouds, nothin. It feels to me like they're experimenting in a bedroom with blue wallpaper and a pipe rather than expressing their intimate moment for all of the mushroom kingdom to see.

The lines could be a bit cleaner, but that's attributed to the style I suppose. I like the lack of shading, it gives this a nice cartoony flare.

Final Judgement: Thank you for ruining hundreds of people's days.


could you increase resolution on this and make it into a wallpaper? I've been looking for a good blackmage for awhile, and I really like this one. :]

Dawn-Breaker responds:

I'm afraid i can't modify it that much ,or well in the idea of keeping it to its current quality :p but i'll see what i can do mate

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