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Holy shit...

2013-04-09 09:36:46 by Dragamex

So, I just looked at my join date, and this November I will have been on Newgrounds for 10 years.. I would have been 14 when I first joined, and 4 years later I joined up with Molkman for the first time to make a short:

That means the first production I was part of was 6 years ago. What have I been doing with that time?

I feel like I could have applied myself a lot more. I've been wanting to learn Flash since I first joined the site, and now here I am when Flash is getting phased out not knowing where to go next. I desperately want to create, write, and act. I've been so caught up in life, and in love, to do that.

If you're reading this, do me a favor. Go through, watch some of Molkman's toons, play a game of his, and really listen to, and critique me. Especially over the years. It's been a wild ride from when I was 18 to now, and I just want to get better.

Also, I want to get into more stuff. I've got a collabinator post up, but I've only had a couple of hits from truly disinterested parties. I. Want. To. Be. Part. Of. Something. Please, let me help you create.

I'm sick of wasting any talents I have. I'm sick of wasting my life for jobs I hate. I want to give people the joy and stories in my head. But I can't do that without help. Your help.

Have a great day. Oh, and sorry for the spacey post.


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2013-05-10 03:25:53

WOW.... Thats really fucking akward umm. My computer was wigging out and wouldn't show that I submitted that post. Or posts . I really wanted you to see what I had to say so I just kept hitting that button. My bad


2013-05-10 03:21:56

I'll favorite you and check out all your doing. Im a musician (17) trying to find the money to make musc on the computer. I need alot still but im like you I really want to do something. To be honest the band im in is holding me back. I do so much and invest all my time in music, but they treat it like a game. Im afraid of being in your situation (thats not meant to be an offence) so I know what you mean. All I can say is good luck!


2013-04-09 11:07:52

An early congrats on the 10 year anniversary! I'll be celebrating at the start of next year. I'm planning on making something great for the day in question, maybe that's an idea? Flash won't be phased out anytime soon, I hope, so many more websites still rely on it than you'll realize until you disable the plugin and try to navigate the net. HTML5 is a good alternative but I think and hope the enormous interest in phasing out the old and moving on with the new is just a trend, there's still so much to do with Flash that you can't do with HTML5. Like keep all your resources within the file, and keep it from being copied, and export games as executables. Anyway, it's never too late to get started! Just download the trial and go berserk! Or use one of the alternatives listed in the Wiki. I hear Stencyl is a piece of cake to make games with, also looking forward to giving that a try some time...

I guess you're collabinating as a voice actor btw? I don't have any projects underway (nor time for any) right now but I'll keep that in mind. A sketch on 10 years at NG, all that's happened/changed/etc, would be neat...


2013-04-09 12:44:40

wow you r here from 10 and you still level 9 , but you made some good stuff